The champagne's on ice...


“The most important thing in my life at present is getting ready for moving into my new place”, says Pete. “It’s a really exciting time but very busy.”

Come the autumn Pete will be cracking open the bubbly to celebrate moving into his own apartment. After many months of planning, negotiating and sheer hard work Pete is buying an apartment under the affordable homes scheme in York. Pete’s family, supported by a financial adviser and others, have worked incredibly hard to make this happen. Pete says he’s already planning his house warming party.

Pete already has a personal budget with which he employs a team of personal assistants, one of whom is his job coach at the hotel where he works part time as a general assistant. Pete and his mum are also planning how the PAs will support him in his new apartment including what training they will need.

Pete is a very popular young man he enjoys meeting friends to play pool, go bowling or swimming or going on holiday with his best friend from school, Adam. Pete is also a member of Lives Unlimited and loves coming to meetings and doing presentations about his life.

Pete loves his job and is well respected at work. He first started working at the hotel doing work experience but the manager was so impressed by him that he offered him a Saturday job and then when Pete left school he was offered a job for 16 hours a week. Pete says his work colleagues are really nice people to work with. Pete enjoys the variety of jobs tidying up the garden and car park, hoovering in the restaurant and running errands to town or the post office.

Pete says: “Every day is different”. He enjoys his busy life. Pete loves helping other people whether it’s washing up for his mum at home or peeling vegetables for the chefs in the hotel.
In his new apartment Pete says his PAs will help him pay the bills, do the shopping and cooking and going to the bank.

“They will help me if I need to go to the doctors or get my hair cut. I like to be organised and plan ahead.”

When asked how he thinks other people see Pete Davies he says:

“ I think they see a nice lad who’s helpful, grown up, not cheeky, enjoys having fun and a few laughs. He’s friendly a good guy.”

For now, there’s just one thing on Pete’s mind getting ready for his new home. He’s promised that when he moves in there will be a house warming party for all his friends and family. He’s also promised to do another interview to tell us what it’s like to be in charge of his own home.

Good luck in your new home, Pete!


  • The champagne's on ice

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