Are you a PA? Please share your stories for a new book!


Do you work as a Personal Assistant? Stories of your experiences wanted!

Ibk initiatives and Lives Unlimited are writing a book about employing Personal Assistants. We know that it can be a wonderful job and that it can also be a challenging job. We are putting this book together to help PAs be the best they can be.

We welcome all positive stories you have about your work as a PA and ways that you have overcome any difficulties you met along the way. Please feel free to send in any stories you have about life with your employer. Stories can include little details of your time together; things that have made you laugh and things that have made you cry; adventures you have had together; plans you have for your future; things you have learnt about yourself through being a PA; things that have challenged you but have ended up working out for the best.

These questions might help get you started:

a) What is the role of a PA all about?
b) What makes a good employer?
c) What tips would you give to someone just starting out as a PA?

We know that telling stories about our lives can make us feel vulnerable. We will maintain confidentiality and anonymise all stories unless you tell us it is OK to use your name. We encourage you to seek permission from your PAs if you are naming them or telling stories that could easily identify them. We will not include anyone’s name without their permission.

Everyone’s contribution is of equal value. We will acknowledge all contributors including those whose stories are not chosen to be published but which help us to think about the messages we need to get across.

Please email your stories to:

ibk and Lives Unlimited are user and family led organisations who want to see disabled children and adults and their families included in their communities and enabled to live ordinary lives.

For more information see their websites at and


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