Alison's Story


Three years ago Lives Unlimited held a planning day when we all talked about our dreams for the future individual and as a group. At that time Alison and her mum were doing lots of planning for getting her a home of her own. Alison was excited and nervous all at the same time! Although Robbie Williams didn’t make it to the house warming party, Alison is really chuffed that he’s back with Take That.

Alison is in her early 40s and at last has a place to call her own. And she says she’s more confident and more independent than she’s ever been. For the last two years she has been living in a shared ownership bungalow she chose herself and which she has made her own.

“I had a long wait,” says Alison. “I got sick of waiting!” But now sharing a home with lots of people and being supported by paid staff she had not chosen are a thing of the past. And Alison loves it. Her home is warm and welcoming. Alison’s grown strawberries and now tomatoes in her greenhouse and her garden has a sitting area for chilling out or having friends round for barbecues.

When asked about the best thing about having her own place Alison says she loves being able to lie in in the mornings for as long as she wants. Being able to have a say in who supports her has been really important to her.

Alison is friends with her next door neighbours. She can walk to her Mum’s easily and she enjoys trips into town by herself. When she’s not enjoying her own company Alison works on a gardening and baking project one day a week.

After many years living in places where Alison had limited control over her life it’s fantastic to see Alison relaxed, happy and comfortable in her own home and just being herself.

Alison Skilbeck August 2011

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