The Care Act 2014 and You

The Care Act 2014 and You

On 12 February 2015, Lives Unlimited and York Independent Living Network hosted The Care Act 2014 and You with Professor Luke Clements. The event explored the Care Act and what changes it means for disabled people and their carers. In summary Luke Clements said that:

  • The Act allows councils to reassess people but ultimately increases the rights of disabled people and their carers
  • Health care, social and local authority services will have to work closer together to deliver better care
  • If a need is assessed to exist, then the local authority must meet that need.

The audio of the full event and a video summary are available on YouTube.

Maggie, a parent and carer, said: Events that inform parents are vital. With this Act, I'd hope that the more carers know their rights the less a council can say [they] can't have it.

Luke Clements, a professor at Cardiff Law School, stressed that for carers: If they get an assessment, then their needs can be met by giving services to the disabled person.

Susan, also a parent and carer, said that her son had benefited from personalisation. The councils don't see the bigger picture... we can provide far superior outcomes at a lesser cost to the tax payer.

Lives Unlimited and York Independent Living Network will be holding follow up events about the Care Act and offering support as well as the chance to help us inform representatives from the council about what people want to see from the changes.

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