Circles Event held in York, North Yorkshire July 2010

Circles Event held in York, North Yorkshire July 2010

At our Circles event on 27 July we met with several new people and their families to share what it has meant to our members to have a circle of support. It was a chance for everyone to find out what a difference a circle could make to their lives. Transition care managers also joined us for the evening.

'The Circle is hard to describe; it's too simple' Regina DeMarasse

A circle of friends (sometimes called a circle of support), is simply a group of people who help somebody reach their goals in life. The circle meets regularly and is usually supported by a trained facilitator. They are responsible for keeping the circle going. But it's the person who has the circle who decides who to invite to their circle and what they want the circle to talk about and help them with.

The circle may include family, friends and people from the person's local community. They are people who love and care about the person and they are not paid to be there. They all share a wish to give time and energy to support the person to achieve their goals. They may do this by supporting the person to make a plan and re-visit this from time to time to make sure the person's wishes are being met.

Each circle is entirely unique and individual to the person involved. A good circle will empower the person and make sure they are in control of their lives. That's also why circles are a great way to enable people to plan their self directed support or manage their personal budget.

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